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The University of Strathclyde Investment Society gathers students who share the same ambition and passion related to the financial world and the world of Investing. The aim of the society is to put knowledge gained throughout the courses at university into practice as well as go above and beyond. 

-  "A place where theory blends with practice"


The society organises weekly meetings and events in which you, the potential member, can learn from presentations, analysis and speakers. Our aims are to move forward and together in order to be successful investors, traders or fulfill our career ambitions. You will engage in variety of tasks that require in-depth research and will also have to make presentations or complete assignments. 

Our work is targeted towards three objectives: Professional Development, Educational Environment and Employment Opportunity Awareness. 

Professional Development:

- Participate in case studies, which are focused on either investment banking, asset management or consulting practices. 
- Attend presentations created by USIS, which are going to broaden your knowledge of different valuation methods, volatility assessments, investment ideas, networking and work experience guides. 
- Learn and discover which finance field is the most appealing to you.

Educational Environment:

- Participate in a year long virtual trading competition and win prizes in the end. 
- Become a part of the investment team and start covering industries, analysing companies or generate different investment ideas across commodities, FX and derivatives. 
- Manage the society's fund and gain a real market experience.
- Create and learn different valuation models.

Employment Opportunity Awareness:

- Attend companies' events and meet people who work in the industry.
- Network with alumni and learn more about their experiences.
- Learn what opportunities are available to you regardless of whether you are first, second, third or fourth year. 


It is never too early to start thinking about where you want to end up and how you can prepare properly!


Our society is expanding and we are organising much more than what you've read already. Contact us if you want to become a part of the society, learn more about what we are doing or even join our team and be part of the development!

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